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20 Years of Mission FeedingLIFE Outreach International's Mission Feeding Program has saved the lives of millions of Africa's precious children. Over the last two decades, LIFE has responded with compassion to the impact of war, drought and famine by providing food, clothing and medical assistance for children and families throughout Africa, with a concentration of work occurring in Mozambique, Rwanda, Angola, South Africa and Sudan.

LIFE Outreach currently contributes toward the feeding of more than 500,000 children. Through a partnership with Joint Aid Management (JAM), LIFE’s Mission Feeding Program operates on the basis of the Complete Community Assistance (CCA) model, which is founded on a school-based platform and contributes towards more holistic community development.

This provides a comprehensive approach to community engagement and development, comprised of four complimentary interventions: nutritional feeding, water and sanitation programming, agricultural development, and HIV prevention education. All of these program activities benefit the most vulnerable children.

Mission feeding

The Goals of Mission Feeding

To Save Lives by providing crisis relief to children and their families through schools and villages where severe malnutrition has been identified.

To Facilitate Education through school feeding by providing a large "high-value" food ration that stimulates enrollment in school and prevents dropouts in the attendance of classes.

To Improve Communities by reducing infant mortality, increasing overall community health, and creating local jobs.

School Feeding Works!
child eatingThe primary objectives for LIFE’s Mission Feeding Program are to alleviate short-term hunger and address micronutrient (vitamin and mineral) deficiencies. In addition, Mission Feeding’s goal is to increase enrollment in schools, reduce school absenteeism, improve children's learning ability and scholastic results, and reduce the strain on families to provide for their children. LOI/JAM operates its nutritional feeding programs primarily through schools in order to maximize the incentive for education achievement and to stimulate a positive image around education in rural communities.

In the News
LIFE Outreach International and Joint Aid Management Announce the Development of a New Food Processing Facility in South Africa

With this new facility, LOI/JAM will be able to pre-position humanitarian supplies to address both the chronic and emergency needs of southern Africa. It will be instrumental in breaking bottlenecks in the region's school-feeding supply pipeline, while directly addressing the lack of fortified foods available within the region. This facility will enable rapid response to critical emergencies, providing much-needed ready-to-eat foods in a timely manner.

When functioning at maximum capacity, the food processing plant will be able to produce over 1 million meals per day. In addition, this new facility will have the ability to store 10,000 metric tons of food, a high demand from other NGO's working in the region. Both of these components are vitally necessary in any adequate response to the threat of the humanitarian crises of the region. Currently, only two other such facilities exist on the African continent; none in the immediate area.

LIFE's Current Food Factory in Angola

Strategically Located Food Reserves that can be mobilized within 48 hours to meet a crisis need and save lives in the most critical time after a disaster, the first 7 days.

Additional Fortified Foods in the southern African region, which will be used both in emergency distributions (droughts, floods, etc.) and in ongoing food security interventions, such as school feeding programs.

Introducing the LIFE Farm
Missions partner handing out foodFor many years, LIFE Outreach has dreamed of building a LIFE Farm to be able to grow much of the food necessary for our Mission Feeding outreach. In 2009 that dream is becoming a reality!

In Angola, where we currently feed over 200,000 of the total 500,000 children in our programs, the local government is donating 3,000 acres of farm land. It is great land with a river running through it for irrigation. Some of the materials for farm buildings, barns and warehouses have already been committed, and equipment manufacturers are donating tractors and other tools necessary for planting and harvesting.

As the cost of food around the globe continues to rise, the pressure on our programs becomes more intense. The LIFE Farm will enable us to address the severe chronic hunger and malnutrition facing the southern African region.

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